Top 4 Shopify Appointment Booking Apps

Top 4 Shopify Appointment Booking Apps

May 30, 2024

Top 4 Shopify Booking Apps

Top Shopify apps to enhance booking efficiency and customer satisfaction

Why Use Shopify Apps for Booking Appointments

In the world of eCommerce, Shopify is the best of the best. Your customers are guaranteed a wonderful experience thanks to Shopify's intuitive UI and easy to use checkout process. What's even better is that Shopify has a built in marketplace with a huge selection of apps that can make your entrepreneurship journey a bit easier. One such addition is the appointment booking apps available on Shopify. These apps enhance the customer experience with a user friendly interface that allows a seamless booking process directly through your shopify store. They also centralize appointment management within Shopify Admin, improving efficiency and data security with Shopify’s strict standards.

Using Shopify apps for appointment bookings offers a variety of benefits, including:
  • Intuitive UI

  • Built in App Marketplace

  • Seamless Booking Process

  • Centralized Management

  • Enhanced Data Security

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Whether you're a barber, beauty parlor, hotel, restaurante or basically anything where a customer as to schedule with you, then you know that managing appointments effectively can be a huge headache. The sky is the limit if you can master organizing your booking so that both your customers and yourself have a smooth experience. With the right Shopify apps for booking appointments, even a small mom and pop store and present itself as a major player. Let’s dive into the top four Shopify apps that are making waves in the world of appointment bookings.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Booking App

It can be a huge undertaking to pick between the large variety of booking apps that exist in the Shopify marketplace. What's even more annoying is having to switch between apps later on and having to transfer everything. To avoid this make sure you understand what to look for when choosing a booking app on shopify.

When Cowlendar was in the process of being designed we focused on the following factors we deemed necessary for a booking appointment app:

  • Ease of Use: User friendly interfaces for easy navigation by both store managers and customers

  • Customization Options: Flexibility allowing your store to personalize the booking system, adding a unique touch to match your brand

  • Integration Capabilities: Seamless integration with leading business tools like zoom or google calendar

  • Pricing Structure: Range of plans to accommodate businesses of all sizes, including a free option so that you can test the waters before competing

  • Quality Customer Support: Reliable customer support to address any technical issues promptly and ensure a smooth booking experience for all users

Comparison of Top 5 Shopify Booking Appointment Apps

1. Cowlendar

Cowlendar stands out as the highest rated and downloaded booking app on Shopify. 

What makes it unique

Cowlendar sets itself apart with 24/7 customer support, ensuring your customers can always secure their bookings. Combine that with top tier professional features at unbeatable prices, our basic plan includes many of the advanced capabilities typically reserved for premium tiers, making quality accessible to all.

Why you should use it

Maintaining exceptional customer support is key to growing a business. Research from McKinsey highlights that companies excelling in customer experience (CX) can achieve double the revenue growth compared to those with lower than average CX! We at Cowlendar believe you should get more for less.

Best Cowlendar Features:

  • Team portal and POS integrations

  • Upsell your services or products directly within the booking widget

  • Support for a ranges of services such as restaurants, consultations, hotels, doctors, rentals, beauty and more for both in-person and virtual appointments

Merchants can transform products into bookable services seamlessly. The array of pricing plans, from free to ultra, caters to businesses of all sizes. Where Cowlendar truly excels is in their exceptional customer support whom will basically move the moon for you.


2. Appointly

Appointly stands out as the 2nd most popular booking app on Shopify

What makes it unique

Due to its very low starting price. It offers a budget friendly appointment booking solution that's perfect for tiny businesses just starting to explore online scheduling.

Why you should use it

It is an affordable way to test the waters without committing significant financial resources.

Why it may not be for you

Appointly is very cost friendly but is limited in professional grade features such as upsell

Best Appointly Features:

  • Direct booking and payment from the merchant's shopify website

  • Google Calendar sync

  • Customizable options like group appointments and Zoom integration

The affordability of Appointly, coupled with its business driven features, makes it a popular choice among small merchants for managing appointments.

3. Appointo

Appointo (don’t mistake it with Appointly) stands out as the 3rd most popular booking app on Shopify

What makes it unique

Appointo stands out not just for its affordability but also for its innovative features like waitlists and surge pricing. 

Why you should use it

The ability to add customers to a waitlist not only increases the perceived demand for your services but also allows you to implement surge pricing during high demand periods. 

Why it might not be for you

The lack of a dedicated team portal and upsell features may limit the scalability of your business long term.

Best Appointo Features
  • Customize Customer Portal

  • Teammates (at an additional cost even on most expensive plan)

  • Surge pricing

Merchants appreciate the user friendly interface and detailed settings, making it ideal for various businesses needing flexible appointment solutions.

4. BookThatApp (BTA)

BookThatApp (aka BTA) stands out as the 4th most popular booking app on Shopify

What makes it unique

BookThatApp (BTA) caters to a wide range of industries with its extensive customization options such as a public API.

Why you should use it

Ideal for businesses that require a robust, complicated but versatile booking solution. BTA’s comprehensive features set allows business to streamline their scheduling processes.

Why it might not be for you

BTA is the most expensive of the Top 4 shopify apps we are comparing. You will also need to worry about how many monthly bookings you have as each plan tier includes higher limits.

Best BookThatApp Features:
  • API

  • Integration with external calendars and Reserve with Google

  • SMTP Service

Despite its high cost and limited monthly bookings, BookThatApp's many features make it a recommended choice for businesses seeking a powerful booking platform that can adapt to a diverse range of scheduling needs thanks to there API.

Comparison Table of Top 4 Shopify Booking Apps

How to Optimize Appointment Booking App Integration with Shopify?

Optimizing the integration of appointment booking apps with Shopify is crucial for seamless functionality and enhanced user experience. From our conversations with customers, we've gathered some hands on tips that have noticeably improved their experience. Let's walk through these together.

Here are some tips to optimize the integration:
  1. Customize Your Space: Make the booking app feel like an extension of your brand. A consistent look and feel across your digital platforms can make your customers feel right at home.

  2. Test Thoroughly: Before going live, make sure everything works smoothly. Test the app integration extensively to catch and fix any misconfigurations, ensuring a smooth experience for your users.

  3. Automate the Essentials: Set up automated reminders and notifications. These little reminders can significantly decrease no shows and streamline your appointment scheduling.

  4. Sync Your Calendars: Connect your booking app with tools like Google Calendar to keep your scheduling organized and updates instantaneous.

  5. Empower Your Team: Train your staff on how to use the booking tools effectively within Shopify. When your team is confident, they can offer better support to your customers.

  6. Keep the Conversation Going: Establish a feedback loop with customers and staff. Their insights are invaluable for refining the booking experience and for this we highly recommend using a roadmap like sleekplan

By following these optimization strategies, businesses can leverage the full potential of Shopify apps for booking appointments and enhance operational efficiency.


Selecting the right Shopify app for appointment bookings can greatly enhance your business's efficiency and customer satisfaction. Throughout this guide, we've explored the top five Shopify apps that stand out in the appointment booking arena. Whether it’s the seamless integration offered by Cowlendar, the user friendly interface of Appointly, the customizable nature of Appointo, or the comprehensive features of BookThatApp, each app has unique strengths that can help streamline your appointment processes.

Reminder of what to look for when choosing an application:

Customization capabilities

Quality of customer support
Pricing Structure

As you choose the best appointment booking app for your business, remember to consider key factors such as ease of use, customization capabilities, pricing structures, and the quality of customer support. Embracing these technological tools can significantly optimize your appointment scheduling and elevate the overall customer experience.

Explore the diverse features and functionalities of these leading Shopify apps to enhance your appointment booking system and take your business to the next level. By harnessing the power of technology, you can transform a simple booking process into a strategic advantage, creating a smoother, more engaging experience for your customers.

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